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VDC & BIM Recruiting

Our focus, experience and success for Executive Search and Staffing within (VDC) Virtual Design & Construction including (BIM) Building Information Modeling, (AR) Augmented Reality / (VR) Virtual Reality / (MR) Mixed Reality and other construction digital technologies, gives us a clear advantage over others who merely dabble in our world.

“A large number architectural, engineering and construction firms have used us to locate and secure the best talent available”


Our Focus

As specialists serving the niche-market of BIM and VDC, we know how to find high-achieving individuals and attract them to your company.

VDC Recruiting Experience

Our Experience

VDC Recruiters, LLC combines many years of recruiting experience with substantial industry knowledge coupled with proprietary data.

VDC Successful Placement

Our Success

A large number of AE&C companies have used us to locate and secure the best talent available. For positions in BIM and VDC, you can count on us!

Recently Filled Positions

VDC & BIM Searches

We have “hooked-up” literally hundreds of hiring managers and BIM, VDC, AR, VR, MR related professionals!

VDC Manager
VDC Engineer
VDC Superintendent
Virtual Design and Construction Specialist
Virtual Construction Specialist
BIM Technician
BIM Modeling Specialist
BIM Coordinator
VDC/BIM/CAD Coordinator
Structural BIM Designer
BIM Design Technologist
BIM/ VDC Engineer
BIM Manager
BIM / Revit Modeler
CAD/BIM Technician
MEP BIM Technician
CAD/BIM Design Technician
VDC/BIM Modeler
VDC/BIM Project Engineer
VDC Coordinator
BIM Director

Executive Search & Staffing Services

For VDC and BIM Employers

“It’s not about building lists, one-way conversations, post-and-pray, it’s about digging deep and identifying and engaging talent”

We offer the following 2 types of recruiting services:

Exclusive Contingency:  Most used approach. Effective for higher priority positions and if timing is important for filling the position(s).

Non – Exclusive:  Acceptable approach if the open position(s) is of low priority to the organization and the timing for hiring is not important.

We will also work on a Non-Exclusive basis if the organization is using their own resources simultaneously with our efforts.  In other words, we will submit qualified candidates to your organization as we surface them for our current Exclusive Contingency searches.


Our Mission

Helping employers and industry professionals...

“Helping employers and industry professionals engaged in BIM, VDC and AR/VR/MR make the best possible presentation to each other, sharing the knowledge, tools and resources we have gained along the way in order to create stronger organizations and fuller lives”

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“Whether you are an employer searching for top talent or a professional seeking a career enhancing position, we have a solution for you”

VDC Recruiter - BIM Recruiter

John Olszewski, PRC

President & Recruiting Manager
BIM & VDC Recruiting Specialist
25+ years experience recruiting within Architectural, Engineering & Construction

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